Fundamentals of Purchase Order Financing for your Business

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing most manufacturers and distributors these days is that of limited capital. Without enough liquid assetsmoney flowing in these kinds of businesses, many of them are forced to limit the number of orders they can take and shy away from larger and profit yielding transactions, thus restricting their ability to make their business flourish. But these days may be seeing their last as purchase order financing now empowers our economy’s smaller businesses to take their enterprise to the next level.

Unlike typical bank financing where you apply for money well before you have the need for it, PO financing creates a friendlier and more efficient system for small and mid scale companies to quickly expand for a large order. Through a PO provider, manufacturers and distributors can readily finance their materials, labor, and delivery costs without needing to queue in the bank. Moreover, as these companies hold much relevant experience in dealing with all parties of the transaction, they can also offer assistance to your business’s operations and help in negotiating agreements and strengthen your ties with both your suppliers and clients.

To reap the benefits of this type of service, it is paramount that you first understand the purchase order financing basics and how they work.

Step 1: You company receives and accepts a large purchase order from a reputable or long standing client.

Step 2: Your PO provider makes the necessary references to verify and check on the credibility of your client.

Step 3: If your PO provider finds everything in order, your company will be given an approval to continue with the transaction.

Step 4: Your PO provider then sets up a bank draft or letter of credit to finance your transaction.

Step 5: PO provider then covers the costs of your manufacturer as well as shipment expenses.

Step 6: Finished products are delivered directly to the client.

Step 7: Upon receipt of delivery, you turn over your invoices to the client.

Step 8: Once payment has been made, you make the necessary reimbursements to your PO provider as well as cover the necessary fees involved.

PO financing has paved the way for an ideal funding assistance for businesses as they cover the entire amount needed to pay your expenses and make good on the large order. And it is a system that is available to companies outside of the US. Search for PO financing Canada, UK, or Australia, and you will find local lenders who are ready to work with your business.

Team Based Productivity Improvement Methods

Working on productivity improvement gains within teams requires using a broad range of tactics. Here I’ll show you what some of the different methods are which you may not have already considered.

Start out by looking at where employee specialization is being enforced. If workers are cross-trained in different areas then they can switch between different tasks meaning bottlenecks are less likely to occur. This is often intrinsically used as part of a small business strategy as individuals within these firms need to multi-task.

Productivity improvement gains can also be seen by increasing worker involvement in their own planning and operational procedures. This is down to the fact that their level of responsibility and ownership of the work actually increases so the desire to create more output also increases.

Communication channels are important in any firm. However, improving productivity requires having rapid two-way feedback channels. Employees should always feel that they can propose solutions and ideas and raise concerns about different processes or issues. A firm that does not institute effective 2-way reporting channels will result in issue after issue being buried.

Employee productivity improvement gains can also be observed by ensuring that the promotional and performance standards are fair and transparent. Workers need to feel that their level of effort is going to be rewarded when the review season comes around. This fuels productivity gains.

Don’t forget the environment within which your employees are working. The work context actually matters. Provide clean and safe work environments for all your staff. Even improving the lighting in an office can help workers become more focused and productive.

Finally, the age-old approach to productivity improvement is to train your staff better. Make sure their educational and career development plans are well administered and that all employees are getting equal opportunities at improving the technical as well as soft skills.

Run Your Home Business Like a Business Not a Hobby

It doesn’t matter what your business is that you run from home, you still need to run it like a business and not a hobby. If you are serious about building your business and actually making a success out of it (and some money too) you need to get serious and stop fiddling around. The reason some people do not like to work at home is because they think that there are too many distractions – it’s true, there are – you just need to manage them so that they don’t affect your work.

If you run a business from home – and this applies both to part time and full time businesses – you need to have a designated area set aside to be your office. Even if the area where you work is actually the baby change table when you are not working at your business, you need to have that separation in place. This is crucial to your success if you run your own business or you have one of the many legit online jobs – I’ll include that category here too, the same principle applies.

Next – the record keeping. You must have an itemized account for income and expenses. You should also have a business plan that includes goals that you would like to achieve. These are often elements that are missing from home based businesses – especially the business plan. You should know for example what your competition is, and have assessed them in terms of the threat that they pose to your business. You should have goals set in place – short term, medium and long term plans of where you want to be and when. Get specific too, it will work better.

I started out by saying that it doesn’t matter what the nature of your home based business is – and it is true – these concepts hold true. Even if you have a supported business like multi-level marketing (MLM), MLM lead generation companies can only take your business so far – sooner rather than later it will come down to you, and how you organize your business.

Ways To Make Passive Income On The Internet

Most folks think about starting a business where they can make passive income. Passive income is where you do the work once and continue to get paid for it time and time again. It’s a pretty sweet gig if you can get it. By leveraging your efforts on the Internet, most people can make it happen.

You can use the talent you already have and the creativity to make money from these types of opportunities. The internet is just one of the many tools by which it can be realized. When people are sharing information, there is the real avenue for gaining not only information but also financial rewards. Such is the case with using the Internet and writing your own eBook.

Another way to make residual income on the internet is starting membership site for interested clients to sign up and gain exclusive access to your products or services. In ways more than one, this is a very convenient way to closely monitor your members and be able to offer them bonuses. These bonuses can be nearly anything with perceived value.

Affiliate marketing makes money for you every time you sell a third party merchants goods. For every single sale you will have made, you will be paid with as much as 45 percent. Another type of affiliate program suggests two-tier or multiple tiers wherein an agent can have one or more down-lines to recruit or promote and sell the company’s products as well. In which case, passive income fills your PayPal account.

Making passive income on the Internet isn’t easy, but with some patience and persistence, it can be done by nearly anyone. The sad fact is that many people don’t want to put in the time or the necessary effort to make it happen. Are you one of these people?

Increasing Your Sales Through the Use of Hosted CRM

If you want to boost your sales substantially, using the psychological powers of persuasion can help you quite a bit. This article suggests different ways that you can use psychology to increase your profits, and your sales numbers.

Sales is a very tough field—it require a very specific personality. If you have a background in psychology, or at least an understanding of some techniques, you may be able to greatly increase your sales and your profit margin.

After all, a child gets what they want through the power of persuasion—you can adopt this very same technique through some practice. It does not take a professional, and you will be happy with the results.

Anyone who works in this field can testify to you that they use persuasion and other psychological techniques on a daily basis. In this way, they are able to better market their client, and close deals.

Human psychology is a very interesting field, and can be relied on like any other science. Tons of research goes into leaning human drives, desires, and behaviors.

You can use all of these to your advantage by studying, learning, and understanding them. Hosted CRM will help you keep your thoughts organized while working with many clients.

While there are many different techniques, one of the most common that can be used is to get your foot-in-the-door so to speak. Once you are able to “get inside” figuratively, you will be able to sell more, and make more of an impact with your customer.

Children are a great example of putting this exercise into practice. Once you agree to let them stay up past their bedtime, it is much easier for them to weasel in just five more minutes over and over.

If you had no agreed to letting them stay up in the first place, the rest of the requests wouldn’t even be an issue or a discussion point. The requests soon become larger and larger, once they know that the first one has been met.

The same goes for sales. When your potential client agrees to have a meeting with you, you have that metaphorical foot in the door, and you can open up the discussion to selling them as much as possible.

When you begin, in general you will start out slow and modest. The rules of psychology denote that you will not ask them to buy your biggest, most expensive product right out of the gate.

No, you will ask them to sign for a newsletter from your company, or even offer them coupons. Offering them free things from your company gets you in the door as well.

That way, the potential customer does not feel threatened, pushed, or taken advantage of. You are merely introducing them to the possibilities that could be theirs, without pushing it down their throats.

Make sure that they are receiving offers and deals from your company. Using Lead Management Software will help you keep everything organized.

Once a store knows you have shopped there once, they will begin to send you great coupons in the mail. While you may think you are getting the better end of the deal, guess what—they are getting you back into their store over and over again to spend money.

You usually end up spending more than you think you are going to, as well. Now they have got you!

You can apply these same techniques to your own business or product. Why not use something that works?

When you are marketing a product, you should make sure that the cost of your product is low enough that it will appeal to people to buy. Then, you have them hooked on your product, you can slowly begin to increase the price.

If they are happy with and love the product, nine times out of ten, they will pay the higher price, and usually not complain about it. You have to be very careful about how you use this technique though.

Raise your prices too high, too often, or too quickly, and you will simply lose their business to someone else. Patience and steadiness is the key to this tactic.

You can master these tactics and more by practicing them, and learning more about the details behind why they work. You could either take a class in psychology to bolster your knowledge, or even do some reading on the internet.

Your products will begin to be more successful, and your profit number will begin to increase. You may even find that you relate better to your customers, and are able to draw in more potential ones for the future.

Obtaining a Fast Student Loan as Last Resort

A lot of students in college fall into the problem of pulling student loans too early. Students who are in college for their first year should seek for other ways to pay for college before thinking about getting into debt early. A reason to apply for fast student loans is when you have no way to afford your tuition fees.

Getting into a large debt for a really good school is only worth it if you know exactly what you’re doing and you put the money into good use. There are a lot of students who is able to get their associates degree and even bachelors degree for free. If you are low on income, consider getting your undergraduate mainly completely from a community college than an expensive university. There are many students who started from a community college and finish off at a four year university. Why not save money by taking courses that offer at a cheaper school than somewhere that is expensive. By doing this when you do apply for a student loan, it will be more aim towards your major classes.

We all know that a state college is found to be a lot cheaper than a university and easier to get into. Going to a state college is a good choice if you don’t know what you want to do for a career choice. Being in school long means you’ll owe a lot more money. Obtaining instant student loans should be the last resort due to the fact that there are many other financial aid that can assist you first. There are scholarships and grants that students should at least try to apply for. Applying for a student loan is normally done when you have no other option and want to keep your classes in order to complete your degree. Student loans are great the fact that you don’t have to pay back the loan until you finish or leave school early.

Two Best Practice Investment Models Explained

Looking at all the different investment models and products out there to choose from, it is really easy to become confused. The problem with confusion is that it is that mindset which investment brokers and financial advisers take advantage of to feather their own nests with juicy commissions and bonuses. If only more people would take a little time to learn about investment options that suit them and their own personal circumstances then the world of investment would not seem so scary and intimidating.

It is not your fault if you feel that way – after all what does the modern school system teach us about investing? Nothing at all. We were not taught anything about it at school, and neither were our parents – and neither are our children. Financial literacy is a must have in today’s world, where the gap between the rich and the poor becomes wider each day. So do something about it.

Here’s two ways to invest that is not going to break the bank or send you broke – quite the opposite, you’ll be putting money away to multiply for you to enjoy later on in life – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

First – penny stocks – we’ve all heard of the stock market and know that fortunes are made and lost on the markets pretty much on a daily basis. But we’re not told about how beginner investors without a whole lot of cash can invest in cheap stocks with the potential for great returns. The best penny stock brokers will even teach you what to look for in a stock, just shop around.

Next up, for those with a little more security (and money) – why not look at the pros and cons of variable annuities. These investment products are basically a contract where you give a company your capital and they in turn pay you what is essentially a pension when you retire. It’s a good deal and has great tax and other advantages.

Free Stock Tips for 2011

This year is filled with new opportunities especially in the stock market. However, 2011 has been one tricky year so far. It is hard to locate free stock tips this year especially when it comes to penny stocks because of so much uncertainties in the market. That’s why it is very important for you to keep researching and reading about the trends in the market. You can’t be too careful when it comes to your own money!

When it comes to micro caps or penny stocks and learning how to go about trading them, there are a lot of stock tips that will teach you how best to go about the decisions. One of the best sectors to look at prospect investments is the natural resources. As the growth of this country and the rest of the world continue, so does the need for natural resources as well.

If you are just wrapping your head around the penny stock exchange, and so with the whole stock market dynamic itself, then I suggest that you enlist first the services of a stock market broker to help you with sensitive decisions that you cannot really fully understand yet. It is a very sensitive area when you are making decisions that will compromise your savings or your wealth. That is why a professional who knows what the ins and outs of the stock market is very valuable to you.

What does the stock market require from you in order for you to understand it? Two things: dedication and diligence. They might be a cliché to hear, but they are quite valuable traits that most successful stock brokers have. These traits will help you greatly in the long run. You need to be diligent enough to educate yourself with the world of stocks; the strategies, the trends and also the terminologies involved.

Choosing the Best Pop Up Displays

Needless to say, using pop up displays in trade shows is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales. They are hip, modern, and attract customers very well; what is left to ask? However, because they are the ones your customers first notice in your booth, you need to make sure that they represent your company in a good way. A poorly executed pop up display can ruin your product, or at least how people see them. Don’t forget that you can only begin to sell your product if you can get the attention of possible customers, otherwise you’re doomed.

This article will help you choose the pop up display that is appropriate for your booth; a display that speaks of your products in a very good way. First, you have to determine how big you want your display to be. People will naturally think that bigger is better, but that is not always true in this case. Gigantic pop up displays can be overwhelming and they may overpower the other aspects of your booth. Also, it is risky to buy big pop up displays especially when you do not know the exact floor area of your booth. But you also have to make certain that they are not too small that they become undetectable.

Furthermore, you have to be certain that you have chosen the kind of pop up display that represents your product well. There are many different kinds of pop up displays in the market so this one can be a little tricky. You also might want to consider the location of the trade show. If it is held indoors or at night, halogen lights can help emphasize what’s in your pop up display.

After deciding on the size and type of your pop up display, you are ready to get the layout done. You can put all the information you want in it so long as your target customers can relate to them. If your product is to be mostly used by the younger generation, you can use wild prints and vibrant photos on your display. On the other hand, if your target audiences are adults, it is best to be more direct to the point and simple.

In general, choosing the best pop up display is easy for as long as you have a thorough understanding of what your company or your product is all about. Frankly, that is the only way for pop up displays to ever work.

Productivity Improvement Ideas For Employees

Most productivity improvement ideas look at how workers can use time management and other approaches to make more work output. The truth however is that each worker operates within a team so ‘team productivity’ levels are actually more important. In this post I’ll show you some of the different ideas worth considering across an employee workforce.

Many small businesses have to multi-task individuals on numerous activities out of complete necessity. While this is not a small business marketing strategy by default it is something which could be applied to larger companies. In particular employees in big companies specialize in on specific skills or processes. This results in bottlenecks in productivity where there is only a small amount of people capable of doing specific roles. Work around this by training staff and several areas and facilitating switching members of teams onto different roles.

The level of involvement that employees feel in their project also increases productivity. If they are given more control and responsibility over planning their own workload as well as being allowed contribution in the decision-making process then they will feel greater ownership. These types of productivity improvement ideas require more flexible management style (especially at the project management level).

Many productivity improvements can be made by looking at the hardware people use, however you also need to look at how individuals interact. Focus on communication channels and the communication culture in your company. Make sure that there is a two-way feedback and reporting channels permitted and that this can be done directly from person-to-person (i.e. across different levels). This ensures that you have rapid feedback and proliferation of ideas that can help day-to-day operations and the resolution of faults.

Finally, one of the simpler productivity improvement ideas to consider is how the context and environment within which employees work effects their activities. Simply by having a clean, well lit and safe environment to work in employees who feel more focused, better appreciated and more diligent about their work.

Business Brokers for Corporate Mergers

Every successful businessman is aware of the fact that even minor irresponsible activities relating their business can cause them a lot of trouble in terms of their company loss, so in order to keep them from such losses; they have to be very conscious about every decision they are about to make. And so on, every activity that is being done in a corporate firm should fulfill every legal requirement, unless the owner of that business wants to up being bankrupt, which is not that big of a deal in the modern corporate world.

For the fulfilling every legal requirement of the business, it is not necessary for every business men to get a law degree before starting their businesses, and it is so because there are already people and firms working in the industry to do that job for them. These kinds of people and firms are known as business broker and the nature of their business is business brokerage. Business brokerage is a very common term used in the corporate world because almost all the dealings in terms of selling and buying new or old businesses is being done by these professionals mostly. The main reason for hiring a business broker is to make sure that every step that is being taken on the company’s behalf is according to the legal conditions of the state, because business brokerage is all about providing easier, more comfortable and legal platform for buying and selling businesses.

This means that if you own a business and want to make some adjustments by selling or buying some of the new assets then you can easily one of these firms and they can handle the rest for you and you do not have to worry about any legal or financial issues of your business because its their job to provide you with these comforts.

Four Requirements for all Effective Business Websites

In this day and age of digital revolution, the cyberspace has become the primary marketplace for our generation today. The internet has cut down barriers and distances, linking the world together, and this gives rise to a wealth of opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur.

Critical to any successful internet business venture is that of making their company and products accessible to clients, and there is no better way of doing this than utilizing a web site to address this specific purpose. Getting the services of a reputable Chicago design firm can exponentially increase your presence in the virtual world. But there’s more to website than just putting in random pictures, profiles, and links. In order for a website to bring in potential buyers, it should be able to understand and speak the internet lingo by which your target markets adhere to.

Identifiable Content

The most basic ingredient to any website is the content. As a matter of fact, in internet marketing, content reigns supreme when it comes to commanding an audience. This is the best way by which a company can express themselves, explain their products and entice customers. For a content to be relevant, it should be properly updated, organized, interestingly written and sprinkled with significant keywords.

Undeniable Reputation

The virtual marketplace is high stakes and fast paced, with just one click of the mouse, your potential buyer can drop your site instantly. This is why it is important to pique their interest and sustain them with your credibility. Building your website’s reputation involves consistently proving yourself to your target audience. Your website needs to demonstrate your superiority in the industry. As customers have become more advanced and intelligent, they can easily identify websites that are suspicious from those that seem reputable.

Impressive Database

Effective websites are those that give value to their every visitor, whether they buy or not. By getting their personal information and providing them with free newsletters, brochures and announcements, you strengthen your database and a website with an impressive roster of contacts is given much more regard by customers.

Strong Customer Traffic

Customer traffic is what fuels your website, without which your website ceases to exist. An effective website is one that is supported by proper marketing strategies that help bring in the numbers. Enforcing optimization tactics and protecting the privacy of your clients are key to ensuring that your website continues to usher more people in.

Types Of No Credit Check Cell Phone Plans

Basically, there are two types of cell phone plans for you to choose from. If you are looking to get a cell phone, you have the option choose between a prepaid and postpaid plan. The good news is that you can actually use these options if you will want to get a cell phone for good or bad credit. In this article, we are going to discuss how each of these plans works.

Prepaid Plan

Prepaid cell phone plans can be used by people with good credit as well as those with bad credit. If your credit situation is less than ideal and you are looking for a no credit check cell phone plan that you will not be required to place any deposit, then this is exactly what you are looking for. This plan will not require you to make a deposit but you will be obliged to pay in full the entire cost of the cell phone unit. This way, you will not have any obligation with the carrier, you will not sign any contract, and you will get billed each month. With this plan, you will only need to buy prepaid airtime loads and be charge per minute of use which means that you can just get a load if ever you need to use your phone.

Postpaid Plan

This plan is generally for people who are looking to get a phone with good credit because one of the basic requirements for postpaid cell phone plan application is a high credit score. However, there are other companies that provides for postpaid no credit check phone plan as well so today, these options are no longer only limited to applicant with good credit. With a postpaid plan, you will be required to place a huge deposit; you will be obliged to make timely payments so that you can refund your deposit after a year; you will billed each month whether you use your phone or not; and you will not own your phone until it is not paid off.

Unsecured Loans 101-The Basics

With the credit crunch that has happened in the past couple of years many people think that it is nearly impossible to get a loan. This is especially true for those who have no credit, bad credit, and unstable credit history or a first time homebuyer.  There is some truth in there.  Many people are having a harder time finding loans.  However, there is some good news because there are still many lending institutions out there that are willing to lend all types of money.  There are secured loans, unsecured loans; loans for people with bad or no credit, unsecured loans for tenants and the list can go on and on.



The difference between the economy before 2008 and the economy today is that the rules of the game have changed.  Many times this is the biggest challenge for people.  Once they begin to understand the rules of the financial world they then change and throw off people into thinking that their financial world is either collapsing or becoming amazingly better.  So this is where we are now.  Financing is still available for people seeking loans that they need for their situation the only difference is that we have to change the way that we look at getting financing.



For example, if you are looking for unsecured loans for tenants (assuming you are a first time home buyer) then you may need to change your strategy to find the loan for you.  This first thing that you should know is that there is always plenty of money out there and plenty of people willing to finance people.  The US government has printed over a trillion dollars in the past 2 years and that money is out there in the economy today.  Banks and lender still want to lend, however, they are now stricter.  The key to finding financing for you is persistence and opening your mind to alternative financing.  You must never believe that finding financing is impossible or that one way of financing is better than the other.

Employee ID Options – Magnetic Name Tags or Retractable Badges

If you are running a business and you have employees, they will normally need to have some sort of name tag or attachable badge to get in and out of the building each and every day. These items can easily get lost, and this can end up costing you a lot of money to replace them. A great option to try to prevent your workers from losing these important and expensive items is to get magnetic name tags for your employees. Alternatively a retractable badge holder can also be great as it provides a great deal of convenience . Not only will they have a better time keeping track of their id, but it will also be easier to prevent them from getting damaged.

A retractable badge holder will go on the workers shirt or pants and he or she will be able to pull the card to scan it on anything they want. It will then retract back into the clip its on. There is a piece of thin wire that is attached to it, so it can easily be accessed, but it snaps back into place on the body when they are finished with presenting the tag. This helps people avoid misplacing it in different places, prevents it from getting bent in a wallet or back pocket, and also keeps it where security personal can easily see it.

Magnetic name tags are also great because there are no pins to ruin the employees shirt, and they won’t fall of easily and get lost like traditional name tags.  No one is going to be getting poked either. Both of these items are going to be a great addition to your business and also for your workers. You will be creating a better and more convenient work environment for everyone, and they will appreciate it. Look into which products are going to be the best for your workers to use today.

Principles of Repairing Bad Credit

Any body in these current economic times can get himself in possession of bad credit. It is something that can be easily understood if handled with care. More often than not bad credit loans can be well dealt with and even totally eliminated by application of a few principles that have been known to work well for people with bad credit. A person in need of repairing his bad credit history can follow these few principles and apply them to his situation to experience great success.

To begin with, once a person realizes that he is having overwhelming debts and has even earned himself bad credit scores, he should at once come up with a plan on how to deal with the problem in existence. Depending on the number of debts he is currently having, he can decide on consolidating all of them into one that can be paid up easily. This helps improve the credit card.
All existing bad credit debts must be paid. This principle requires that a person try as much as possible to pay up all the pending debts in order to start up a fresh. The payment leads to improvement of credit rating. In connection to this, living within your means should always be the dominating factor. This involves purchasing what you can afford to repay at the end of the month and paying up other small debts from your income. When this is done with lots of caution, then there is a possibility that the bad credit history will have to be done away with.

It is important that people come up with a budget indicating their income and monthly expenses. Having an idea about how much to spend is very important in helping a person avoid accumulating many debts that often lead to bad credit scores. Drawing up a budget and sticking to it does more than wonders.

Loaning $1500 – How To Get Such a Loan

Getting a large sum such as $5000 dollar loan is relatively easy these days. There are many people in whom you can lend cash. Borrowing from banks is not recommended because many of them require at least $10,000 cash to be borrowed.

Lending from your local credit union or from a small bank can be better as they are more likely to provide you a loan especially if they know you and if you had an active account. You just have to have a good credit history, have an asset to use as collateral to your loan and provide proof that you had a regular income as source of payment.

You can also try to borrow from friends and family as long as you only need $5,000. They are good as there is small or no interest to pay anyway. Choose those you know who have the cash, and be true to your word as this is an actual business transaction and unpaid debts can be source of misunderstanding and discord. You should also be the one to be responsible in the paperwork and terms and interest of payments as courtesy. It can be considered harmless as long as you intend to pay in time.

You may also consider having a payday loan. They are fast in approval with no credit checks and lend without asking for collateral. They lend small amounts of cash in pledge of intention to pay upon receiving first salary. You can also arrange to pay only interest at first and pay it altogether at next salary day, but pay additional interest. However, they have high interest rates and heavy penalties if you failed to pay on time that can significantly swell your debt.

You can look for other lenders that offer a quick loan for 1500 if you need more cash, just be faithful in payment.

Is There an Error in The Reported Inflation Rate?

If inflation is so bad then why are prices dropping so much on so many items? Inflation is only reported at 1%, so then why has food and gas gone up 20-40%? Should the people have trust in the dollar or something more valuable such as gold? Discussed farther below is how this can all be happening, and why the government is in favor of such a strategy.

Inflation is when prices go up and deflation is the fall in prices, so how can this happen at the same time? The reported inflation rate is an adding up of all the items that have gone up and down in the last year and an averaging of these prices. This formula excludes food, gas and metals such as silver, thus the reported inflation rate is at 1% when in reality it is more like 10%.

Food and gas is said to be up and down to much all the time to be reported in the inflation rate. I would have thought the few things people need to live everyday would be the number one things to be reported in the inflation rate. But this is simply not how it is done, and for good reason why would the government want the economy looking worse than it is.

Therefore a rise in some items and a drop in others creates inflation and deflation at the same time. A rise in essential items such as food, energy, and gas. A drop in non essential items such as TVs, cars, and computers. So why does the government like for something like this to happen, I was under the impression they cared about the poor and middle class?

In actuality if the price of the dollar is less by printing more money then the national debt can be paid off easier. The money borrowed can be paid back at a lesser value. Also inflation allows the economy to look better than it actually is, therefore it looks like the government is doing their job when they are not.

Financial Security 101: How to Create Financial Certainty

In the last few years, the attention of many investors has moved away from trying to find lucrative profits, and more toward making sure that one can achieve relatively secure returns.

In our recent memory is a stock market drop almost hitting a 40% loss, leaving many worried about future financial and economic uncertainty.

In this article we’re going to be discussing financial security, and how to use basic financial strategies for ensuring one’s financial position, investments, and lifestyle.

  • Get Out of Debt. This is the most obvious strategy, but it’s also the most important. Debt is called a “liability” for a reason — it leverages your future security for current comfort. This might feel good for the short run, but if you’re worried about financial security you should try to find a way to minimize either your credit card debt or your obligated monthly income, either through a debt snowball or a debt consolidation.
  • Invest in Gold. Investing in precious metals is a traditional investment tactic for adding security to one’s portfolio. Precious metals have never lost all value, and serve as a type of insurance for portfolios during times of volatility and wide price swings — similar to those of inflation, deflation, and stock market crashes. Gold and silver are the two most common investment grade metals, even though gold prices can be volatile.
  • Build Incomes. If you have more than one income stream, then you’re less dependent. Diversity is the mother of financial security. Having income from sources like rental properties, dividend stocks, and your job means you’ll be more prepared for hard times, as well as have more ways to navigate financial waters.
  • Self-Education. One of the most least marketed methods of financial security is self-education. Learning to become an expert in a topic gives an extreme advantage in making money in that industry, as well as opens up career opportunities that wouldn’t exist without a strong education.

In the end, finding financial security isn’t difficult, it simply requires fighting debt, buying precious metals, building multiple incomes, diversifying, and strengthening one’s education.

Why Smart People Start Out With a Mobile Kitchen

One way of starting a good business is having your own mobile kitchen. Mobile kitchens are small food trucks that sell meals whenever and wherever you want as long as there are many people. This is somehow your mini restaurant that you can bring anywhere when there are specific events like company picnics, fairs and festivals. There are three types of mobile kitchens and these are mobile kitchen trucks, tents and trailers.

Each one of these has specific purposes. Among the three types, the most commonly used is the mobile kitchen truck that is used as food vending business. This can be seen mainly in parking lots and where there are many people. On the other hand, the mobile kitchen tent is used for short events like grounds in county fair and picnics. Lastly, the mobile kitchen trailer is used when there is no kitchens that are available such as volunteer and disaster stations, festival and fairs or even during renovation of your own kitchen.

There are three reasons why they chose to have this business. First is it has low operation cost. It means that it is much cheaper compares to renting a place to have your own restaurant. There are many good mobile kitchens for sale that can be seen online or in truck stores. What’s even more practical thing to do is to buy used mobile kitchens for sale to save more money. The second reason is that it can be managed by only one person unlike to those coffee shops that you need three to four people to manage it. And lastly, having a mobile kitchen means that you can receive more profit than having your own rented restaurant. Most of the mobile kitchens prepare their foods faster than in restaurant and majority of the people loves to have their food on time.

Planning And Reporting Basics For A Corporate Communication Strategy

Deciding upon a suitable corporate communication strategy requires good planning and tracking. Here I’ll show you how to plan out your strategy effectively to make sure all stakeholders and content is correct.

The starting point when formulating what type of corporate communications you’re going to send out is establishing who your stakeholders are. This will include the media, business analysts, creative management, etc. The standard process with internal reports is to contact the stakeholders to find out what types of messages they want to receive. However you will not always want to do this for external stakeholders such as the press.

Your communication strategy needs to focus in on the types of messages you want to put across in your communications. In parallel to this you also want to specify what communication methods will be used (e.g. e-mail, memos, press releases) as well as the frequency. How often you send out reports will often be dictated by your own financial reporting schedule.

The actual content of your reports/communications can be standardized quite quickly. It should include elements relating to business objectives, progress updates, outlook, detail sections on financial information, milestones achieved, etc. This can change depending on what type of company you’re running. The important factor in this is that internal departments will need to have reviewed some of this information prior to going out. In particular, any financial information needs to be cleared by your finance department as well as legal team.

The final step in your communication strategy is sending out the reports and tracking the results. Someone in your PR/communications team should be tasked with compiling any feedback or additional data requests data received from stakeholders. This information can feed into future reports should the structure or list of stakeholders need to be changed. Over time this tracking information can be used to review the strategy periodically to establish how effective it is.